Consumer Buying Habits Have Changed. The Way You Advertise Should Too.

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We are the experts in Google Topics digital advertising, interest based advertising, go to market strategies, eCommerce product ads, content media and local digital marketing and advertising.

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Going up against the largest ad agencies in the nation and winning over their clients with confidence is what we do! We at Empire Builders outthink, outpace, and outcompete the big global digital ad agencies and media firms every chance we get with mom and pop budgets!

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Who We Are & What We Stand For

Empire Builders is a media consulting firm and advertising agency specializing in online topics-based paid search, e-commerce pay per click, online directories, and “Made in the USA” digital marketing.

We built our entire media company without data mining individual users. Our strategy from the very beginning was to limit the use of tracking tools in pursuit of pure non-intrusive first-party data. Without these types of digital tools, Empire Builders was able to revolutionize personalized, receptive, non-intrusive interest based behavioral ad targeting. Empire Builders has held itself to a standard that is now our advantage in an era of data privacy.

Empire Builders has hyper-targeted dataless digital advertising strategies that are known for disrupting top-of-page search results. Empire Builders interest based advertising strategies work well in a no-track cookieless and consumer data privacy environment. Empire Builders digital marketing strategies are some of the most effective and affordable in the nation.

Empire Builders has a track record of going up market with dataless search strategies and displacing the online giants. Empire Builders digital strategies makes yesterday's web strategies look outdated and incredibly ineffective.

It is important for companies to reach out to experts like Empire Builders who know how clients are taken advantage of by online advertising agencies and so called certified partners. Empire Builders has proven digital marketing models that can navigate local, national, and global internet search results without the up front equivalent cost of a home mortgage investment.

As digital marketing agencies, certified online advertising partners, media outlets and publishers become more desperate to find solutions to the deprecation of third-party cookies, agencies and certified partners will become more reliant on unvetted digital marketing strategies confusing unwitting business owners. Today many agencies and certified partners avoid real time demonstrations on how consumers “initiate” product and service consumption online, Empire Builders does. Empire Builders won't lead with hours of elaborate color filled slide show presentations full of charts and graphs in hopes of exhausting a new or existing client into a contract signing.

Empire Builders simply communicates to potential and existing clients that consumers have and are moving away from cruising “Main Street” for product and service consumption. In-the-moment consumers today, are instead, cruising the “mobile-first” global web by product and service keywords… not by brand. As consumer data privacy and the deprecation of third party cookies evolves, digital advertising, marketing and the booming global online economy will become incredibly challenging without an Empire Builders marketing and advertising strategy in place.

At Empire Builders we take great pride in our brand name. Much like the Empire Builders of the industrial revolution, they were the visionaries that defied the old guard and revolutionized American innovation. We believe our vision is a modern-day digital equivalent fitting for today’s accelerating global digital economy.

Is your digital marketing team ready for?

Data Privacy

Has your company formulated a SWOT strategy for the impending no track online consumer data privacy regulations?

Voice Search Advertising
Interest-based Advertising

Does your digital marketing team have a voice assistant internet search strategy?

Can your site compete on a mobile device that's no bigger than an index card against your fiercest competitor?


Industries Where Empire Has Mastered Google Topics-Based Digital Advertising & Marketing!

Empire has straightforward easy to understand digital advertising and marketing strategies to take on Google's Topics API. We don't believe in marketing that is meant to woo unsuspecting online users with social media marketing that promotes fake reviews, social media posts loaded with hyperbole or surveillance digital marketing!

Specializing In Fashion Accessories, Pet Products, Home Goods, Décor, Manufactured Equipment, Auto Care Products, & Auto Parts e-Commerce 

ecommerce digital advertising by Empire

Experts In Hyper-Targeted Luxury Automotive, Used Car, Commercial Class 8 Truck & Boat Digital Advertising & Marketing  

Luxury Automotive Digital Advertising By Empire

International Machinery Lubrication Training Digital Media  

Oil & Gas Digital Advertising By Empire

Solar & Renewable Energy Global Sales & Manufacturing Digital Marketing

Solar & Renewable Energy Digital Advertising By Empire

Plumbing, Heating, Electrical, HVAC & Water Softener Systems Digital Marketing & Advertising

Plumbing, HVAC, Heating, Air Conditioning, Electrical Digital Advertising By Empire

Industrial Fasteners & Supply Digital Advertising & Marketing

Fastener & Industrial Supply Digital Advertising By Empire

Specialty Café, Bistro, Restaurant & Wine Bar Digital Advertising & Marketing

Bar and Restaurant Digital Advertising By Empire

Real Estate, Home Improvement, Lawn Care Services, Outdoor Living & Luxury Custom Cabinet Digital Advertising & Marketing

Real Estate & Home Improvement Digital Advertising By EmpireDigital Advertising

Home Care, Senior Living, Assisted Living Facility & Senior Care Directory Digital Advertising & Marketing 

Assisted Living & Senior Care Digital Advertising By Empire

Executive Recruiting, Headhunting, Solar Executive Search, Luxury Commercial Construction Recruiting Digital Advertising & Marketing

Executive Recruiting Digital Advertising By Empire

International & National Trade Show & Expo Promotional Digital Advertising & Marketing 

(Solar, Construction, Home Goods, Trucking, Racing, Industrial Equipment & Pet Products)

Trade Show & Expo Digital Advertising By Empire

Health Insurance Broker Digital Advertising & Marketing 

(Group Health, Self Funded, Reference Based Pricing & Stop Loss Insurance)

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