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The advantage of online advertising, exact match domain names and self-management websites is vast and wide. Online advertising is a great way to supplement your current advertising and marketing strategies and creates the opportunity for companies to predict their annual advertising budget. Online advertising, when managed properly, can pinpoint market trends and track product specific consumers in real-time, in a no-track behavioral internet.

Here are just a few examples of how online advertising, exact match domain names and lead generation keyword landing pages can help your current web presence and digital marketing strategies:

  • Provides marketing departments real time consumer search query data without tracking.

  • Exact match domain names provide precision consumer product and service hyper targeting.

  • The solution to the loss of third party cookies, behavioral remarketing/targeting and the implementation of global consumer data privacy.

  • Message control, advertising cost controls, ad position.

  • Real time ad copy updates.

  • The ability to turn on or off digital ad campaign within seconds.

  • Provides real time market data and analytics.

Empire Builders llc wants to emphasize that we provide an independent non-affiliated online digital advertising consulting service. Our online advertising strategies, exact match domain name and or website self -management programs, once implemented, will take a dedicated marketing director or marketing manager to manage your online marketing program to insure maximum performance.

As we know with any digital marketing strategy... What you put into it is what you get out of it. We encourage your marketing department, director and or marketing manager, when needed, to utilize Empire Builders consulting services as a resource to maximize your digital media program!

Please note: Search engines add new sites to their indexes and they remove and update existing ones, every time they crawl the web. Search engines and Online advertising providers can reject submitted URLs to their index and online advertising campaigns. Search engines, online advertising providers and Empire Builders llc can't make predictions or guarantees about when and or where an indexed URL, title tags, content description or an online ad will appear in a search, display, voice and/or audio response. Indexed content, page rank and scored content and online advertising search results can and will change without warning.

Empire Builders LLC makes no claims, promises and/or implied guarantees of future performance of: sales, revenue projections, marketing, profitability, lead generations, web hosting payments, domain name renewal payments, ad campaign programming maintenance, and internet security now or in the future due to the loss of third party cookies, behavioral tracking and the implementation of data privacy opt in/opt out rules.

Empire Builders llc does own several category specific local and national business directories. These business directories can and will compete directly with clients using Empire Builders online digital advertising management, website design and internet consulting services. 

We look forward to working with your company now and in the future!




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